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We are internationalization experts and offer strategic direction and practical solutions for fast growing companies.

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We facilitate your growth in Spain

We help startups & scaleups achieve fast and sustainable international growth by becoming their all-in-one partners.

Gromi’s methodology will allow you to validate your proposal, plan the best way to enter the Spanish market, grow your sales and take your company to the next level.

Areas of expertise

To help you grow in Spain.

Growth strategy

Prepare your business for scaling up. We help you stand out from the crowd and design a plan for long-term sustainability.

Go-to-market & Localisation

Gromi provides you with a successful market entry. We give you key market insights, validate your proposal, localise your business and define the approach in a fast and hassle-free way.


Bring your high level goals to the ground creating a structured strategy plan. We define the right channels, budget, actions and KPIs.

Business development

Gromi has local experts and a big network to accelerate your growth. We help you build the connections creating long-term value for your organization.

HR Solutions

We help you set up your Spanish team to ensure stable and sustainable growth. We advise on structure, culture, tools and processes.

Legal setup

Legal aspects are a consequence of your growth in the market that you need to take care of. We assist you becoming your legal partners and supporting you along the way.

Why Us

Hands-on experience

We have built & grown our companies within Spain and have been through the process of internationalising too. We know the struggles first hand and what are the best ways to overcome them.

Strategic builders

Thanks to our combination between strategy and results-driven mindset we can accompany you with the tranquility that we will overcome any hurdle on the way. We are ready to assume your business expansion needs.

Bespoke solutions

We add value to your company in the areas it really needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all strategies. We understand your business, analyse its potential and define the approach that will save you time and money.

1. Market validation

When scaling to Spain, one of the most important things is to understand the market. Let’s start validating if Spain is the right move for your business and you’re ready to take action.

Advice, strategy, analysis and feedback to prepare your company for this adventure.

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2. Entry strategy

Once the market is validated, it’s time to plan the conquest! We will be hands-on preparing a go-to-market strategy, localise your product and take a look into the legal needs of the process.

Gromi will give you the bespoke solutions needed during the whole process as your trustable partner.

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3. Time to launch

We plan your success in the Spanish market, but we also take the strategy from paper to reality and start with the execution.

Gromi provides you with the right support in marketing, sales and recruitment to make this validation together. We are your growth partner!

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4. Ready to Scale up

Once your company is settled down in Spain and has seen positive results it’s time to scale it up!

Let’s think together how to sustainably increase your activity in the Spanish market. Might be the right time to start a local office, grow the team and for us to transfer the knowledge to your rockstars team.

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We focus on Spain

Boots on the ground

Counting with a partner that is not only located in Spain but also knows and understands the Spanish business culture is a plus. We offer you meaningful insights for your product market fit.

Strong network & expertise

A powerful network of +50 local experts in different industries gives you the support you need to complete your business strategy in Spain.

Expansion framework to Spain

Spain is an emerging market for tech-hubs. Known for major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, as well as top cities such as Valencia and Málaga, that inspire to become the new European Silicon Valley. The government is helping and providing support to international companies for an opportunity to do business in Spain.



4th country

Chosen by european companies
to expand to

Biggest hubs


When we thought about going to Spain everything was a struggle. We wanted a fast and sustainable solution to enter the market. Luckily we found Gromi! They created an ambitious strategy for our needs and led us along the way. Definitely a partner to recommend.
Hans Scheffer
Founder & CEO at Helloprint
Spain was a logical step for us. Gromi gave us advice and helped set up our legal entity. The process was smooth and the communication was excellent! Now we are ready to grow the team and jump to the next phase. We are very happy with the collaboration.
Rob. E Postma
Founder & CEO at MochaDocs Group
Gromi provided us with powerful insights about the market that lead us to start in Spain with the right proposition. After this, it was tremendously helpful that they developed our sales strategy, being involved in the process and acting as our country manager.
Daniel Pisano
Founder & CGO at 87 Labs

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