Who We Are

Growing in Spain is complex. We’ve been there as entrepreneurs, team leads and strategists. Now we’re helping you to scale your business to the Spanish market.

“We believe scaling to the Spanish market for growth companies requires a different approach”

After seeing how much international companies struggle and how many fail when scaling to the Spanish market, we empowered ourselves to solve this problem and use our experience and local network to make a difference.

Gromi is a young, fresh and dynamic company with a clear understanding of the market and the startup & scaleup world. Our experienced team is looking forward to bringing you our vision and making your Spanish adventure a success.

Meet our team

Our team is made of experienced strategists and executors that will bring efficient and practical solutions for your business.

About us

Our experience

Gromi is started by entrepreneurs that have been in the process of internationalisation with their own companies. After experiencing all of the complexity first-hand, now they are sharing their expertise and are determined to break down all boundaries for internationalization.


Gromi wants to facilitate international growth to reduce the number of unsuccessful expansions to Spain. Thanks to the creation of our methodology and the continuous evolution of it, we are impacting many companies and people through it.


More than 50 local experts, partners and more than 30 international companies have trusted us, building a strong basis that keeps helping people every day.

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Gromi’s Values

What Makes Us Unique

Our business thrives on our DNA, which we summarize in 4 unique core values.

Outperform customer expectations

We believe in delivering ridiculously good experiences to our customers. We started this company to make a difference and we’ll never forget it.

Energetic, Fast & Dynamic

Fast-growing companies require teams that can adapt and perform in a short time. Key for ensuring international growth success.

Transparent communication

We only work on projects we believe in. We ensure our time and yours is invested in the right things.


We help you think bigger. With our support there are no limits inside Spain

Talk to us!

Got any questions? Wanna grab a coffee? Let us help you reach your full growth potential in Spain.

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