Helloprint; How did the fastest-growing European online printing company succeed in Spain?

Who is helloprint?

Helloprint is disrupting the print industry by building earth’s largest platform for printed products.

Is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce businesses in Europe providing online printing orders cheaper, easier and faster than the competition.

With operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, as well as offices in Rotterdam, Liverpool and Valencia, Helloprint serves thousands of customers, both individual consumers and businesses.

The challenge 

Growing fast for a tech company like helloprint means you need to think outside your home market. Helloprint was growing rapidly and needed to understand what their next steps should be in Europe. But for this, you need local market expertise, network, and knowledge of the markets you’re active in and the new ones you’re approaching.

Helloprint easily figured out that Spain could be a great destination for increasing their business but also to have an operations hub that could maintain the cool culture of the company by being present in the best city of Europe, attracting the best international talent possible in the most efficient way. They knew coming to Spain would be challenging, but the reward could be bigger than the challenge itself. The question was; how to make this possible without understanding the market characteristics and key points to solve before going to the Spanish market?

Gromi’s approach

Since Gromi has boots on the ground in Spain and we understand clearly the challenges of fast-growing companies like Helloprint when coming to this market, we decided to collaborate together for making successful their entry to the Spanish market and establish strong pillars for future growth here. During this process we worked on;

  • Validation of plans into the Spanish market. Research of best cities to execute it, introduction to local key players and in general, provided a clear picture of the Spanish market in their industry.
  • Establish a go-to-market strategy with 2 main focus; 1. Launch helloprint business model proposal in Spain and 2. Create a local hub to attract talent and increase operations power.
  • Localised their proposal, and validation of the first steps by getting customers.
  • Legal advice and solution for setting up their adventure in Spain.
  • Advice and help to set up their own local office in Valencia.
  • Advice on team structure and team creation + support on finding the right high level profiles.
  • Still working together for some actions that require local knowledge. Marketing / Business development actions.


Hans Scheffer, CEO & Founder Helloprint:

“When we thought about going to Spain everything was a struggle. We wanted a fast and sustainable solution to enter the market. Luckily we found Gromi! They created an ambitious strategy for our needs and led us along the way”

The main results;

  • Helloprint successfully entered the Spanish market, growing its revenue by +370% during the first year.
  • Helloprint has a local office in Valencia with +100 talented people.
  • Spain became the 5th top market for the company.
  • Great times of fun in Spain with Gromi team during the process 😉


Gromi facilitates growth in Spain for international startups and scaleups.

As entrepreneurs, team leads and strategy builders we know the challenges of expanding to Spain. Now we’re helping fast-growing companies overcoming the barriers offering strategic direction and practical solutions to take the step to the Spanish market. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

Written by
Andrés Nieto
Founder & Chief Growth Officer
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