Legal & Local Setup

How to register a SL in Spain

Gromi registers companies across Spain making the process fast and easy for you.


Spanish NIE number

First thing that you will need when you enter Spain is your NIE number. We help you get it as soon as possible.

Spanish business bank account

In order to deposit the 3,000€ required to establish a Limited Liability Company.

Company’s Bylaws

We supervise and provide you with the right templates and advice to make sure there is no mistakes.

Tax registration

We send you the right documents filled and recommend you which are the best decisions for your business.


Our Spanish lawyers are experts in the market and help you keep track of everything while you focus on the business.

Registration of the company

Get rid of time wasters choosing the right partner to ensure your company is registered in the right way.

What is a SL?

A Spanish SL is actually a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or “Sociedad Limitada”. For its constitution it’s necessary, at least, one founding partner and 3,000 euros of share capital, which will be divided into shares.

The process of setting up a SL can get a bit tedious sometimes. Not only are we talking about delicate steps and documents (for example when it comes to the shareholder agreement); but also because you must make sure you stay up to date with your tax duties. We highly recommend you to contact us in order to let us help you with the overall process.

How does it work?

We take care of the whole on your behalf, informing you in English during the process.


After you fill the form we send you, you will only need to show up at the appointment with the notary.


We take care of your documents so you only need to show up to the notary.


You need to sign the public deeds. We will translate all the documents for your understanding.


After you sign the public deed you will receive the NIF number that allows you to start doing business.

How can Gromi help you?

Our business lawyers will solve all your doubts and manage the whole process for you. And our accountants will be in charge of your taxes so you can focus on your business while growing.

  • Get your NIE number.
  • Register the name of your company.
  • Get your NIF (tax ID code).
  • Register you with the IAE.
  • Census declaration.
  • Open your Spanish business bank account.
  • Draft your Company’s Bylaws.
  • Accompany you to the notary to sign the public deeds.
  • Register in the Commercial Registry.
  • Register with Social Security.
  • Take care of your accountancy.
  • Become your legal administrators.

Why Us

Local expertise

The Dutch language in the Netherlands is not the same as Flemish in Belgium. In France you need a long stay visa to start a business. And in Germany Digital advertising must comply with the Act on Unfair Commercial Practices. Luckily Gromi has boots on the ground and expertise in all European countries


Gromi is started by entrepreneurs that have been to the process of internationalisation with their own companies. After experiencing all of the complexity first hand, now they are sharing their expertise and are determined to break down all boundaries for internationalization.

One stop shop

One partner to arrange paperwork, another for localization, another to find an office, another to find employees, and so on. Meanwhile nobody really speaks your language and oversees the entire operation. We do. We facilitate you from A to Z. International growth made easy.

Emprendedores sobre el logo de gromi
With the help of Gromi we were able to open our office in Valencia, Spain. We still work closely together!
Robin van Driel Vis
Director Customer Experience at Helloprint
Thanks to Gromi, staff and paperwork for my bar were arranged in no time.
Emma Smith
The Bell, Barcelona

Why Spain

Life Quality

Doing business requires the best of you and the best of your team. And for that, what’s better than having a good life quality? Spain provides all you need. Good weather, good food, good prices. Do business in Spain and you & your team would be happy and productive!


In Spain, the access to talent, offices, and all the different tools to do business, included the life cost is more affordable than most of the countries in Europe. Do business in Spain, and you will save a lot of cost with a huge market potential!

Emerging Market

Well known for the big business areas like Madrid or Barcelona, but also with top cities that becoming the new European Silicon Valley like Valencia or Malaga. The cooperation between organizations and the government is helping on taking the attention of international people that sees more than never a big opportunity to do businesses in Spain! And with Gromi everything will be EASY.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us and we will resolve any questions you may have as soon as possible.

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