Expanding your business to Spain

Ready to conquer the Spanish market? Gromi advises and helps your company on your journey to Spain.

We can see how ambitious you are, and so are we! Expanding your business to Spain can let you wondering where to start. At Gromi our goal is to assure you of a stress-free process to expand to Spain!

Why choosing us to Expand Your Business to Spain

Local expertise

There are many cultural differences between countries and you need to know how to adapt your strategies to them. Luckily Gromi has local experts that provide you with the right knowledge to grow your company in Spain.


Gromi knows the Spanish market and has experience developing businesses in the country. New opportunities come to those who are ambitious and take risks, so choose the right partner to ensure your success.

One stop shop

Not only we are your partners for expanding your company to Spain, but also we cover your needs regarding PR & Digital Marketing, Recruitment & HR, Workplace Solutions and so on. Gromi speaks your language and understands the big picture of your business. We facilitate you from A to Z. Start in Spain the easy way.

Emprendedores sobre el logo de gromi
When we thought about going to Spain everything was a struggle. We wanted a fast and sustainable solution to enter the market. Luckily we found Gromi! They created an ambitious strategy for our needs and led us along the way. Definitely a partner to recommend.
Hans Scheffer
Founder & CEO at Helloprint
Spain was a logical step for us. Gromi gave us advice and helped set up our legal entity. The process was smooth and the communication was excellent! Now we are ready to grow the team and jump to the next phase. We are very happy with the collaboration.
Rob. E Postma
Founder & CEO at MochaDocs Group
Gromi provided us with powerful insights about the market that lead us to start in Spain with the right proposition. After this, it was tremendously helpful that they developed our sales strategy, being involved in the process and acting as our country manager.
Daniel Pisano
Founder & CGO at 87 Labs
Expanding Your Business To Spain

Why Spain

Life Quality

Doing business requires the best of you and the best of your team. And for that, what’s better than having a good life quality? Spain provides all you need. Good weather, good food, good prices. Do business in Spain and you & your team would be happy and productive!


In Spain, the access to talent, offices, and all the different tools to do business, included the life cost is more affordable than most of the countries in Europe. Do business in Spain, and you will save a lot of cost with a huge market potential!

Emerging Market

Well known for the big business areas like Madrid or Barcelona, but also with top cities that becoming the new European Silicon Valley like Valencia or Malaga. The cooperation between organizations and the government is helping on taking the attention of international people that sees more than never a big opportunity to do businesses in Spain! And with Gromi everything will be EASY.



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Let’s conquer the Spanish market

Are you ready to start your expansion to Spain? Contact us and we will tell you everything you need to make it happen.

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