Start Doing Business Online in Spain

If you want to launch or grow your company in the Spanish market, let Gromi advise you, create and execute the best digital marketing strategy for your company.

We build a tailor-made online strategy for your company. Together we will grow your sales and brand awareness in Spain. Do you want to know how can we support you to grow in the Spanish market?

Why choosing us as your Online Business Partner in Spain

Local expertise

The marketing approach should change from country to country. Spain doesn’t have the same culture as the Netherlands or the UK. Luckily Gromi has Spanish marketing experts that create the best campaigns for your business and adapt your content to make it relatable to your new target audience.


Gromi knows what content the Spanish customers like to consume and how they normally do it. Because we already have done it many times we can look at new strategies from a critical point of view and test new things as the trends change, always ensuring the highest conversions with the lowest investment.

One stop shop

Not only we are your partners for boosting your sales with digital marketing strategies in Spain, but also we cover your needs regarding Legal setup, Tax advice, shipments, suppliers and so on. Gromi speaks your language and understands the big picture of your business. We facilitate you from A to Z. Get the right answers the easy way.

Emprendedores sobre el logo de gromi
With the help of Gromi we were able to 3x our first year revenue. We still work together!
Robin van Driel Vis
Director Customer Experience at Helloprint
Thanks to Gromi we started selling in Spain, adapted our brand to the culture and worked with local influencers and suppliers.
Monnica Davis

Why Spain


Over 90% of the population aged between 16-54 use the Internet everyday and more than 22 million have made online purchases in 2020. The Spanish customers are more prepared than ever to start buying your products!


In Spain, the access to talent, suppliers, warehouses and all the different tools to do business is more affordable than most of the countries in Europe. Do business in Spain, and you will save a lot of cost with a huge market potential!

Emerging Market

The Ecommerce industry in Spain has grown to 29.44€ billion after 2020. This has created a huge opportunity for foreign businesses to start selling in the Spanish market before it gets saturated. And with Gromi everything will be EASY.



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Start selling in Spain!

Are you ready to make impact in the Spanish market? Contact us to receive a quote for the services that will make you achieve your goals.

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