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Human Resources Services in Spain

The right type of contract, employee performance issues, preparing monthly payrolls… HR can be difficult and time-consuming. Focus on your business and let Gromi take care of your HR needs. Here are all the services you need!

Human Resources Services Spain

HR Outsourcing & Consulting

Collective agreements, policies and procedures, employment contracts, administration, potential employee issues… Minimize the risk with our support and advice.

Employee Training

We provide training on many different areas including: communication, coaching, career planning and performance management. Ensure the development of your employees!

Management Reports

Our personalized monthly reports combine the best insights from technology and HR worlds, and will help you manage and monitor employees performance to assemble the ideal teams.

Why choosing us as your HR Outsourcing Partner in Spain

Local expertise

Labour law is different in Spain than in the UK or the Netherlands. Luckily Gromi has local HR experts that can sort out all your labour needs ensuring compliance and time efficiency when managing your employees in Spain.


Gromi takes care of your HR needs by creating the right type of contract and ensuring the best experience for you and your employees. Because we have provided this service many times we know what to take into account, as collective agreements when preparing contracts or assuring compliance with tax legislations.

One stop shop

From hiring your staff and managing payrolls to covering your needs regarding Legal setup, PR & Digital Marketing, Workplace Solutions and so on. Gromi speaks your language and understands the big picture of your business. We facilitate you from A to Z. Start in Spain the easy way.

Emprendedores sobre el logo de gromi
With the help of Gromi we were able to open our office in Valencia, Spain. We still work closely together!
Robin van Driel Vis
Director Customer Experience at Helloprint
Thanks to Gromi, staff and paperwork for my bar were arranged in no time.
Emma Smith
The Bell, Barcelona

Why Spain

Life Quality

Doing business requires the best of you and the best of your team. And for that, what’s better than having a good life quality? Spain provides all you need. Good weather, good food, good prices. Do business in Spain and you & your team would be happy and productive!


In Spain, the access to talent, offices, and all the different tools to do business, included the life cost is more affordable than most of the countries in Europe. Do business in Spain, and you will save a lot of cost with a huge market potential!

Emerging Market

Well known for the big business areas like Madrid or Barcelona, but also with top cities that becoming the new European Silicon Valley like Valencia or Malaga. The cooperation between organizations and the government is helping on taking the attention of international people that sees more than never a big opportunity to do businesses in Spain! And with Gromi everything will be EASY.



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Let us manage your Spanish HR

Focus on your business while we manage everything related to your employees. Contact us and we will send you a quote depending on your needs.

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