Bringing unbelievable digital experiences to Spain; The Studio Regale case

Who is Studio Regale?

Netherlands based boutique agency focused on designing and developing digital experiences that help you stand out in today and tomorrow’s media landscape.

  • Founded in 2017
  • Worked with some of the biggest players in the world: ING, The Body Shop, Aesop…
  • Co-founders with +5 years of experience working with the highest level production houses and agencies.

The challenge

Studio Regale has incredible talent and creates astonishing experiences far away from what the average Spanish company is used to seeing. There is a need to educate this public to see the value in the work they do and to make the Regale brand well-known in Spain. Tech skills are the bottleneck for scalability and Studio Regale partnered with Gromi to find a solution.

Gromi’s approach: 

  1. Go-to-market plan: High level strategy based on expertise, research and industry opportunities. 
    1. Business validation score.
    2. Spanish value proposition.
    3. Early tested plan 
  1. Launch in Spain: 
    1. Conducted outbound strategy and introduced to key players in the market.
    2. Filled sales pipeline with relevant potential customers.
    3. Established sales processes that could be replicated in the future.
  1. Unlocking growth and scalability:
    1. Solution for bottleneck growth and action plan.
    2. Gromi becomes their hiring partner and onboards key profiles.
    3. Brand new Valencian office.


  • Created Studio Regale’s Spanish sales process.
  • 100% understanding of the market and their opportunities.
  • Gromi’s involvement in business direction and re-designment of services offering.
  • Definition of key profiles for the Spanish team and recruiting assistance.

If you want to know more about how to grow and expand your business to Spain and boost your sales in the Spanish market, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

Written by
Andrés Nieto
Founder & Chief Growth Officer
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