weWow; building a rockstars team in Spain to conquer Europe.

Who is weWow?

weWow powers fast-growing international scale-ups with first-class Customer Experience through the combination of amazing people and innovative technology. 

weWow is founded by an experienced team of CX and growth professionals. They’ve built companies, they’ve scaled them quickly and they’ve learnt how to create teams with a focus on culture. weWow believes that people make the difference so they create a culture that empowers people to develop themselves, treating them as humans instead of numbers.

This fast-growing startup works with top international customers as Otrium, Dixa or Yobbers.

The challenge 

weWow believes that customer service for growth requires a different approach than the one traditional facilitators can bring. They have +15 years experience in scaling fast-growing European companies and they’ve learnt that there are two things that are bringing them success: The best people and distinct technology.

But how to build the best rockstars team in Spain? Fast growing companies’ employees are required to have a strong connection with the culture of the company, and let’s not lie to ourselves: not everybody fits in these companies. Traditional recruitment companies don’t understand this, making it a challenge to get the right talent to succeed.

So, how to overcome this situation in Spain? How to find the best talent while being able to focus on the core of the business growth? Look what we did.

Gromi’s approach

Since Gromi has already hired +300 talented people for startups and scaleups, we identified from the beginning their struggle. With a non usual approach as a recruitment company, Gromi decided to advise along the way and get involved as part of the weWow team to make this story a success.

  • Gromi got totally “in” the culture of weWow.
  • Gromi helped to create a plan and a team structure for the short term to handle the company’s growth.
  • Gromi connected weWow with the hidden gems that could offer value to them.
  • Gromi incorporated a team of +30 talented people together with weWow.
  • Gromi helped with the legalisation of this process.


Nikita, General Manager at weWow:

“Gromi provided valuable insights into our adventure in Spain. Thanks to them, we speeded up the process of getting everything ready for our growth stage. Team is part of the core of our company, and they smashed it understanding our needs from the beginning”

The main results;

  • weWow set their local office in Valencia
  • weWow operates with a team of +30 talented people and is growing!
  • Acquisition of new international customers.


Gromi facilitates growth in Spain for international startups and scaleups.

As entrepreneurs, team leads and strategy builders we know the challenges of expanding to Spain. Now we’re helping fast-growing companies overcoming the barriers offering strategic direction and practical solutions to take the step to the Spanish market. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

Written by
Andrés Nieto
Founder & Chief Growth Officer
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