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Start in Valencia

We facilitate your growth in Valencia

Gromi breaks down all boundaries for you. We are internationalization experts and offer a one-stop-shop for your step to Valencia.

From arranging paperwork, finding team members, office space, localizing your website, to the execution of your local sales and marketing campaigns. We make sure you can do business in Valencia.


To help you grow in Valencia.

Business development

Gromi knows the Valencian market and has a local network to accelerate your growth. Approaching potential partners, organizing sales meetings, and representing your company in trade shows. We can’t wait to develop your business in Valencia.

Localization & Market entry

We prepare native content that fits perfectly with your Valencian target group. Gromi will research the market and will create and execute the best entry strategy to conquer the Valencian market.

PR & Online marketing

Gromi offers brand awareness and marketing campaigns that exceed your expectations. Spanish influencers who promote your product. An efficient Google strategy that quickly increases revenue. From press releases to social media campaigns: let's take the Valencian market!

Local set up

Establish a Spanish entity with speed, precision, and compliance. Focus on growth while Gromi handles all the paperwork. Setting up your company in Valencia, licenses, employment contracts, and intercompany agreements.

Recruitment & Talent management

Finding highly educated, passionate, employees. Let Gromi find the ‘hidden gems’ and get them in your Spanish team. And if you want, we make it even easier for you by offering temporary employment contracts in Valencia. The employee works for your company, but is on our Spanish payroll.

Workplace solutions

From office space in a shared building to custom build-outs in collaboration with our local design- and real estate partners. Let Gromi arrange the space in Valencia that's right for you.

Why Valencia

Life Quality

Doing business requires the best of you and your team. What could be better to work in a location where the quality of life is particularly high? Valencia offers everything you need. Good weather, good food, good prices. Do business in Valencia and your team will be happy and productive!


In Valencia, access to talent, office space, and all other requirements for doing business is cheaper than in most cities in Europe. Do business in Valencia and you will save a lot of costs.

Emerging Market

Valencia is aspiring to become the new European Silicon Valley. The government is helping and providing support to international companies for an opportunity to do business in Valencia.

Starting up in Valencia

Starting a company in Valencia. We are startup experts and facilitate you for a hassle-free and successful start. Together we will realize your dream.

Let Gromi find the perfect location for your business to start in Valencia and arrange all the paperwork. In addition, we ensure that the Spanish market discovers your new company.

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Expanding to Valencia

Expand abroad and start selling your products in Valencia. Welcome to an exciting city with huge potential.

Let Gromi research your market, localize your content, hire your Spanish team members, and even run your marketing campaigns.

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Relocating to Valencia

You are moving to Valencia. Let Gromi set you up. Ready to discover Valencia?

Let Gromi arrange your paperwork including the NIE number, bank account, housing, and even the move itself.

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Why Us

Valencian expertise

Gromi has boots on the ground in Valencia. Our office is located in the middle of the city center and our company was even founded in Valencia many years ago. We know the city like no other and are excited to share our expertise with you.


We started our own company in Valencia years ago. Finding office space, arranging all the paperwork, hiring people, growing a team, etc. We did it all. We very much enjoyed that journey into Valencia and decided to share our expertise with you. We are determined to make starting in Valencia easy for you.

One stop shop

One partner to arrange paperwork, another for localization, another to find an office, another to find employees, and so on. Meanwhile, nobody really speaks your language and oversees the entire operation. We do. We facilitate you from A to Z. We make your start in Valencia easy.




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When we thought about going to Spain everything was a struggle. We wanted a fast and sustainable solution to enter the market. Luckily we found Gromi! They created an ambitious strategy for our needs and led us along the way. Definitely a partner to recommend.
Hans Scheffer
Founder & CEO at Helloprint
Thanks to Gromi, staff and paperwork for my Spanish bar were arranged in no time.
Emma Smith
The Bell, Valencia
Spain was a logical step for us. Gromi gave us advice and helped set up our legal entity. The process was smooth and the communication was excellent! Now we are ready to grow the team and jump to the next phase. We are very happy with the collaboration.
Rob. E Postma
Founder & CEO at MochaDocs Group
Gromi provided us with powerful insights about the market that lead us to start in Spain with the right proposition. After this, it was tremendously helpful that they developed our sales strategy, being involved in the process and acting as our country manager.
Daniel Pisano
Founder & CGO at 87 Labs

Are you ready to conquer the Valencian market?

Gromi helps you enter in Valencia already being a big player. Contact us and we’ll send you a personalised plan to start your expansion.

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